Our Town – Knjaževac

Former Gurgusovac, today Knjaževac located in the far eastern part of Serbia, the Serbian-Bulgarian border, at the mouth of the Svrljiški Trgoviški Timok. It is surrounded by the slopes of the mountains, and Tresibaba Tupiznica.
About life in this area from prehistory to the present witnessed numerous sites: prehistoric habitats (Baranica, Valuge, Škodrino field Kadijski Cross et al.) And ancient Roman locality (Timacum Minus the village of Ravna Baranica, Gradiste Koželj et al.) early Christian church (Kalna, Strbac Baranica, near the village of Ravna et al.). Derived from the medieval period settlement Koželj and churches in the villages of Upper and Lower Kamenica, built in the 14th and 15 century. Gurgusovac village is first mentioned in the Turkish census of the 15th century.
After the Turkish city, as one of the first symbols, other Gurgusovačka tower – a military fortress that has been turned into a prison – notorious casemate known as „sprpska Bastille“, which was used as a prison Karadjordjevic for political prisoners. By order of Prince Milos tower was burnt, and in his honor, the city changed its name to Knjaževac, 17 January 1859th year.
Two rivers, numerous bridges, picnic areas and boats on the water in the city center, a hospital, reading room, a church, a gymnasium, a number of craft shops and cafes are the reason why the rare passers – travelers, adventurers and spies this town called „Little Venice“ or “ Little Paris „. The famous Le Corbusier enjoyed the delights of the Serbian towns on their journeys to the East.
Famous factory in Knjazevac were: Leda, IMT, Branka Dinic Džervin.

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