Danube Art Master 2013

Visit of the National Danube Art Master Winners

Budapest, 8 – 11 October 2013


1. place – PURE DROPS (tributaries), save for the Danube FISH – composition
by Jovana Kodić and Martina Stanojević, Primary school „Dimitrije Todorović Kaplar“, Knjaževac

Explanation: Every day more and more polluted water leads to the extinction of fish. Our mission is to engage ourselves in all actions related to water conservation, and the entire planet.
The Danube basin is displayed and marked in the river Trgoviški Timok (blue bars symbolize the basin), the stones are placed on mats which mark states (14). The made small fish swim and large carp and sturgeon fish symbolize everything and give the message that we should pay more attention to rivers and keep them clean. Large drop monitors everything and it is named after the river Danube and droplets float in the river. There is also a fountain of leaking drinking water. There is a bird’s nest at the top of the fountain. We have a mill that symbolizes our ancient times and still floating raft on the Danube. The Danube Mermaid Jovana takes care of the river. All this is recorded by Martina under the watchful eye of mentor Gordana Janevska. There are so many of us and the planet EARTH is only one,  together we can keep it safe.

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